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James Grant

James Grant is one of the most renowned and respected performers Scotland has ever produced. Drawing from a broad palette of pop, folk, soul, country and blues influences, and interweaving his solo compositions with Love and Money favourites, James twins darkly literate, melodically lush songcraft with his richly potent vocals and virtuoso guitar work, leavening his performances with dashes of wickedly acerbic humour. Music to stir the heart and soothe the soul.

James Grant reviews

“A ballsier Gram Parsons but with whiskytinged Scottish poetry for lyrics.” The Word
“One of Scotland’s most gifted songwriters... and what a marvellous singer he is, too, spanning darkly burnished baritone depths and searing soulful intensity.” The Scotsman
“Music from another place.” MOJO
“Lyrics good enough to be read as poetry.” UNCUT

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