The last 5 days have seen 2 current tours finish early and 3 major tours cancelled or postponed. Although this is a blow to us, we know it is a much bigger blow to the artists affected. We have bands having to rearrange flights home from Australia while others are fighting to get at least partial refunds from airlines and hotel chains. There are also numerous other gigs that have cancelled and we await news from some of the earlier summer festivals.

We do still have artists on the road with the Yorkston Thorne Khan and Ross Ainslie & Ali Hutton’s Symbiosis UK tours continuing and would like to thank the audience and venues for continuing to show support. We are in close contact with the artists and the venues and at the moment it seems both will be able to complete all dates this month.

We are working hard to re- schedule as many shows as possible so please keep checking the artists websites for updates.

Showcase Scotland Expo, which is managed by Active Events, has also had to cancel one of main events of the year, The Visit, as well as suspending the majority of the activities of the Year of Scotland Australia 2020. Again we are working to reschedule all activity in the not too distant future.

There is definitely going to be some short term pain for everyone involved in our industry as many others. We can only hope that it is short term and that audiences will be even keener than usual to get out and enjoy themselves once this all blows over.

In the meantime the most important thing is that we all stay healthy both physically and mentally. We encourage everyone to follow the advice about social distancing and hygiene to keep yourselves infection free. Use technology to work and play together. Use the time to write and record if you can. There are a number of companies including Moog, Korg and Avid (who produce Pro-Tools) who are offering free use of their products for the next wee while. If you need/want to get in touch with us to talk any of this through then please do so.

We encourage fans and supporters of all artists to go to the band’s websites and consider buying music or merchandise to help them through this difficult time. We appreciate that many people will be suffering financially themselves so if you are not able to help in this way then even a message of support will always be appreciated. Most importantly sign up for news of any upcoming activity or rescheduled shows and buy tickets when they become available.