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Treacherous Orchestra

Treacherous Orchestra are a powerful force in Scottish music; a huge eleven strong, folk big band that delivers epic, incendiary live performances night after night. On stage the players are hugely entertaining, mixing their original tunes up with theatrical anarchic rock attitude. Here is a band that is playing at the next level, technical, impressive and yet impossibly raw, whose shows are always vital and make the audience feel truly alive and in the moment.

A Treacherous Orchestra gig is quite unlike anything else. The players set a true musical course that continues to build and build. Through their music the band take the listener on a journey that encompasses many moods, emotions and tempos, often within moments!

A Treacherous gig is an aural, visual treat. Here is a band without the need for vocals speaking directly to a listener’s very core, which is why they are widely regarded as one of Scottish music’s greatest live acts.

Treacherous Orchestra reviews

“Treacherous Orchestra are a brave, loud 11-piece folk big band influenced by rock as well as traditional Celtic styles - rousing fusion from the vibrant Scottish scene.” The Guardian
“Membership reads like a who’s who of the latest generation of Scottish tradition based music - an exciting and invigorating breath of fresh air.” Folk Radio UK

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