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Carrying their own fiery fiddling, thundering foot percussion and rousing reels, they connect their roots to jazz wizardry and global dance grooves. Riding the line between accessible and ambitious, MAZ invites you on a wild ride that has been praised by audiences and critics alike, owing to its vibrant stage energy. Join leader Marc Maziade (electric guitar, banjo, vocals) and his crew Rémi Pagé (violin, foot percussion), Roxane Beaulieu (keyboards, vocals) and Hugo Blouin (double bass) for a moment of complicity and intensity. A show of heart-warming music, brain-warming songs, jaw-dropping solos, tranceinducing grooves, engaging soundscapes and frenzied foot stomps. At first described as futuristic with Telescope (2011), MAZ’s music revealed a modern take on Quebec’s instrumental culture. With Chasse-Galerie (2013), it evolved further while reinventing one of Quebec’s most famous legends, making it resonate to the sound of here and now, receiving two ADISQ nominations on the way. MAZ presented its concerts in over a hundred performances in Canada, US, Mexico, Ghana, Germany and Poland with the WOMEX-approved ID.

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““Outstanding musicians, astonishing arrangers. Bold and refined!”” Laurent Saulnier, MONTREAL INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL

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